The music starts with a staticy-techno sound. This represents mankind's first instinct to turn to technology and media in any situation. Then a steady beat starts in the background. This symbolizes the natural basis of all life. More electronic sounds are added in. What sounds like a snare drum can also be heard under all the electronic and techno sounds. Snare drums were first used hundreds of years ago, which implies an idea of beginning and long-practiced activities like enjoying nature and spending time with family. Then a bike bell rings, again in the background. It is as if the creativity and nature are trying to be heard over modern media and technology, but it is barely audible. Techno sounds stop and start for several seconds, with beeps in the background before low ambient music can be heard at the end of the song. This shows how unreliable technology and media are, and how one day, they will fail, and humans will be left with nothing.